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Project info

Forgotten People Organization is a non-profit that provides humanitarian aid to refugee camps and marginalized people in six countries. Due to their growth, they need a fresh approach to their digital presence. We are currently working on the first stage with a new website, a larger digital footprint, and mechanisms to streamline quality content from the field to the world.

Web Design & Shopify Integration for a Non-Profit

FPO's primary goal is to lower digital operation costs, allowing them to use a large percentage of donations on its humanitarian projects while raising the quality of its digital footprint. For this, we are customizing a Shopify theme to fit the needs of a nonprofit. The simplicity of the design and ease of use of the platform will allow them to update and maintain the site internally.

Online Presence & Content Management

Online presence is extremely important for any business to establish credibility. For a nonprofit, credibility is of the utmost importance, and therefore, as we build a new website, we are expanding FPO's online presence. This expansion will need continuous quality content to stay relevant and keep current donors informed of the projects they are funding. For this, we have set up a system where volunteers on the ground can create content and be available for use almost immediately.


This project is due to be finished in early 2023. We can't wait to show you the finished project. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out the current website and donate.

Aisha Hassan
Forgotten People Org
LC Photography & Multimedia Design has created solutions to stay true to our mission to minimize operation costs so that most of the donations go to those in need. Having worked with other firms, I see the difference in attention and care for FPO and our project. I am thrilled with their services and look forward to a long partnership.