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We came into this project as SIZE Boutique was working with a different agency. Initially hired for commercial photography, the quality of our work allowed us the opportunity to work on the entire online project. Since then, we have been working together with ownership, achieving the original goals and setting new ones that will undoubtedly be accomplished and surpassed. We look forward to the challenges these new goals will present as SIZE Boutique continues to achieve its goals.

  • Shopify

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  • Google Ads

Our Role
  • Customization & SEO

  • Content Creation & Marketing

  • Campaign Design & Analytics

  • High Traffic & Conversion Rate

  • Organic Growth & Consumer Reach

  • High Traffic & ROI

Web Design / SEO

After thoroughly reviewing the project, we proposed moving the site from Ruby on Rails to Shopify. Ruby on Rails is a fantastic platform, but it was not a good fit for their project. Moving to Shopify allowed us to expedite the web design process, integrate stock with stores, and lower costs for the site's design and operation. Overall we delivered a modern, user-friendly, SEO-compliant e-commerce website with hundreds of products within a month.

Purple Brand Jeans SS22 Image by Luis Contreras

Social Media &
Online Footprint

Social media used correctly can generate traffic and, ultimately, revenue for any business. We designed a plan for content creation and dissemination across social media platforms that would maximize our reach to our target audience by using the platform's built-in features. We also implemented strategies to expand SIZE's online footprint, once implemented these strategies increased website traffic and foot traffic at their brick-and-mortar locations.

Digital Marketing

Once we had the proper structures in place and running smoothly, we designed and implemented a digital marketing campaign across all relevant online and social media platforms. We opted for a targeted approach, carefully choosing the products, brands, and content to market that would appeal to our desired audience. This strategy resulted in social media growth, increased website and store traffic, and brand recognition which led to higher revenue and increasing profits.

Champion Brand by Luis Contreras